Note: Dr McCaffrey bulk-bills/no-gaps current NSW Health staff, current serving ADF members and gynaecological patients referred via Royal North Shore (Public) Hospital


 Your total out-of-pocket expense from Dr McCaffrey for your obstetric care is approx. $5100. 

He delivers at Royal North Shore (Public) Hospital, The Mater Hospital and North Shore Private Hospital. 

Your out-of-pocket expense from Dr McCaffrey is the same regardless of booked hospital and whether you have a medicare card or private obstetric health insurance (these factors will however affect your costs from the hospital itself and/or other clinicians). 

This covers:
– Being on call for the duration of your pregnancy (patients are given Dr McCaffrey’s mobile phone number to be in contact when need be, and otherwise are able to contact his rooms during business hours and hospital midwives attached to the respective hospital booked for pregnancy) 
– All antenatal consultations (both routine (usually at least 10-12 visits) as well as any further requested or urgent consultations)
– Bedside ultrasounds performed at every visit (monitoring baby’s growth/wellbeing and 3D/4D imaging)
– The ‘Planning & Management’ Fee, usually payable from 28 weeks gestation 
– Review by Dr McCaffrey if you attend or are admitted to hospital at any time during your pregnancy
– Management of your birth (regardless of the complexity or mode of delivery)
– Postnatal care whilst admitted to hospital following birth, as well as any postnatal visits in rooms


MBS Item #FeeMedicare Rebate (approx.)
Initial Antenatal Consultation16401$300$79
All Follow-up Antenatal visits16500Bulk-BilledSubmitted to Medicare on your behalf
Planning & Management Fee (at 28 weeks)16590$5500$595
Delivery Fee16519/16522No-Gap / Bulk-BillSubmitted to Health-Fund / Medicare on your behalf
All Postnatal visits16407Bulk-BilledSubmitted to Medicare on your behalf


Other services during pregnancy:
Please note that regardless of your chosen obstetrician, several other medical professionals may be required to contribute to your safe care during pregnancy. These individuals set their own fees. The following is a guide as to those approximate fees however you can seek disclosure directly from them.

Approx. Fees
Most 1st trimester screening / NIPT$400-800
Any obstetric Ultrasounds (other than those performed by Dr McCaffrey)$200-400
Anaesthetists (e.g. if needing a Caesarean Section delivery or opting for an Epidural for pain relief)$1000-3000
Paediatrician (all babies are reviewed by a Paediatrician following birth)$300-600
Assistant surgeon (should your baby be delivered via Caesarean Section$400-600


Dr McCaffrey performs both outpatient procedures as well as inpatient surgical cases. His regular operating list is at The Mater Hospital (with access to advanced Robotic-assisted / key-hole surgical equipment). He also operates at North Shore Private Hospital and Royal North Shore (Public) Hospital.

Outpatient / Within consulting rooms at North Shore Private Hospital:

MBS Item #FeeMedicare Rebate (approx.)
Initial Gynaecology or Fertility consultation104$300$80
Follow-up consultations105$150$40
Insertion of Mirena (with ultrasound guidance/confirmation)35503$250$74
Colposcopy (including any biopsy needed)35614/35608$200$70-130
Outpatient LLETZ procedure35647$500$225

Inpatient / Operating procedures (The Mater Hospital / North Shore Private Hospital): 

Type of Surgical case:Fee
"Minor Cases" E.g. Hysteroscopy including removal of polyps, Insertion Mirena, LLETZNo-Gap
"Major Cases" E.g. Laparoscopy, Endometriosis, Hysterectomy, Robotic-assisted Surgical cases$500

* Above fees are for those with private hospital cover. If you do not have private hospital cover, then a ‘self-funding’ quote can be provided by our rooms. 
* These fees also only correspond to Dr McCaffrey’s (the surgeon’s) fees. Your health fund may charge you a hospital ‘Excess’ payment, and an anaesthetist will usually bill an out-of-pocket gap the same as the surgeon’s fees. Depending on the complexity of the case (for most ‘Major cases’) an ‘Assistant Surgeon’ will also be involved, with out-of-pocket gaps often between $300-600. 

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