Pregnancy is such an incredible time of our life.

It is so special to share in that journey, and care for a woman during this time. I understand that every pregnancy is unique, and that every woman and her child deserves the highest quality of care. 

I have a passion and interest in advocating for normal birth, as well as expertise in managing those complicated by high-risk medical conditions.

Antenatal care during your pregnancy is important to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both mother and baby. This involves regular appointments, including when you initially learn of your pregnancy and then key points throughout (during which times I’ll also check your baby with ultrasound in my rooms). Outside of these appointments I will be on call to answer any questions or concerns, and manage any complications that may arise.

I have also had training to care for complex pregnancies including twins, VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean section), IVF, advanced maternal age and for those who have had prior complicated pregnancies (such as those following pregnancy-loss/miscarriage, pre-term birth, diabetes, hypertension or autoimmune conditions).

Antenatal Care


Birth is very a personal experience, and I believe it is important to offer women informed choices and to help achieve a safe and happy outcome for both mother and baby. I am a strong advocate for vaginal birth – often this is both a safe and achievable option. However I also believe in the autonomy of a woman to decide their preferred mode of delivery including elective caesarean section.

I will provide immediate postnatal care, whilst also helping to arrange experienced lactation consultants, physiotherapists and specialist paediatricians, should either of their cares be required. You will then also see me in my rooms to discuss your new journey as a parent, your post-obstetric recovery and also family planning into the future.

Postnatal care

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